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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

CBD OKIE Cannabis

CBD OKIE Cannabis

Proposed tweaks - again - to Utah's medical <b>cannabis</b> law

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 07:56 PM PST

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — Utah's medical cannabis law may be on the verge of changing again, with an aim to approve the latest tweaks quickly ...

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Will County To Expedite Some <b>Cannabis</b> Offense Expungements

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 07:00 PM PST

Expunging cannabis offenses was part of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act which legalized recreational marijuana use in Illinois. It states that all ...

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Cash taken in break-in at Worcester <b>cannabis</b> dispensary

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 05:52 PM PST

WORCESTER - Police are investigating a break-in over the weekend at the Good Chemistry cannabis dispensary on Harrison Street. Police said the ...

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Nevada County <b>cannabis</b> tax revenue yet to meet expectations

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 05:30 PM PST

A little over six months since the first businesses subject to Nevada County's cannabis tax were opened, the green gold rush the county was hoping to ...

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City council approves Craig recreational marijuana license for Rocky Mountain <b>Cannabis</b>

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 04:00 PM PST

Craig City Council voted to approve a local retail marijuana license for Rocky Mountain Cannabis Tuesday night following a short public hearing ...

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Free Online Commercial <b>Cannabis</b> Permitting Workshop Feb. 21

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 03:37 PM PST

The free workshop is ideal for new and existing commercial cannabis cultivators. Those interested in attending can follow the link below and register.

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State <b>cannabis</b> regulations remain complex, but growers steadily becoming compliant

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 03:15 PM PST

Save for a few adjustments in state laws, a cannabis permitting workshop in Fortuna on Wednesday carried out in exactly the same way as another ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Creeping <b>Cannabis</b> Cultivation Plague

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 03:03 PM PST

It's high time something was done about the outrageous cannabis situation in the Carpinteria Valley! Cannabis cultivation is a creeping plague that will ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Bartonville latest to approve craft <b>cannabis</b> operation

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 02:52 PM PST

BARTONVILLE — The Bartonville Board of Trustees passed two ordinances this week that together will enable a business to grow small batches of ...

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Commonwealth <b>Cannabis</b> gives $1500 to Dismas House

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 02:07 PM PST

Commonwealth Cannabis Co. (CommCan) has donated $1,500 to Dismas House, a local nonprofit that operates a 35-acre farm and three residential ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Oakton hosts <b>Cannabis</b> Craft Growers/Transportation License events

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 01:56 PM PST

Workshop topics include legal and compliance training on state and local regulations including zoning and reporting, cannabis industry best practices ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

A Valentine's Day Gift Guide for <b>Cannabis</b> Lovers

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 01:56 PM PST

While a gift of cannabis to celebrate romance may once have been seen as insufficient or impersonal, the options today when it comes to THC-rich ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Some worry high prices, stigma keep illicit <b>cannabis</b> market alive in Illinois

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 01:45 PM PST

While adult-use cannabis has legal in Illinois since Jan. 1, some remain concerned that high prices are keeping people from moving to the legal ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

CURE Pharmaceutical Grants Vanguard Scientific Rights To <b>Cannabis</b> Extraction Patents

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 01:33 PM PST

Benzinga's Cannabis Capital Conference returns to Miami Feb. 24-25 with North America's largest B2B cannabis gathering, bringing together capital, ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

New <b>cannabis</b> delivery service starts in Fresno area

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 01:11 PM PST

A new cannabis delivery service is sparking up business in the Central Valley. Fresno-based Cannable is offering same- and next-day delivery of ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Chicago law firm MBHB opening <b>cannabis</b> practice

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 12:48 PM PST

With Illinois' newly legal cannabis business starting to boom, one Chicago law firm, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff (MBHB), is rushing to take ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Help the Mendocino <b>Cannabis</b> Alliance get an Equity Grant This Saturday by Telling Your ...

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 12:38 PM PST

The Mendocino Cannabis Alliance serves and promotes Mendocino County's world-renowned cannabis cultivators and businesses through ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

<b>Cannabis</b> school opening in downtown Pontiac this weekend

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 12:15 PM PST

Higher Learning Institutions, a school dedicated to teaching the emerging workforce of the marijuana industry, is holding a ribbon cutting and open ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Marijuana delivery drones likely won't arrive as rumored. But they're still not a pipe dream

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 11:18 AM PST

But as March inches closer, the probability of seeing a flying cannabis-carrying robot anytime soon is slim, said Chris Larsen, a cannabis law expert ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

French Laundry's Former Culinary Farmer Wants to Bring Artisanal <b>Cannabis</b> to the Table

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 10:56 AM PST

Monday was Aaron Keefer's first official day at Sonoma Hills Farm, and it was a memorable one because of what he didn't do: he didn't walk the fields, ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

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