Tuesday, December 3, 2019

There is still time

We're going to ask you for a contribution to fight for legal marijuana in 2020. Here's why:
December 03, 2019

Support NORML on Giving Tuesday


We messaged you earlier today but figured for Giving Tuesday, it was worth following up. We're really close to hitting our goal to ensure that we can implement our 2020 legislative plans, and if we come up short, that means we have to spend more time fundraising and less time changing laws. That's why we're fortunate that some of our biggest supporters have agreed to match all donations between now and midnight.

Commit to help legalize marijuana in 2020 with a matched contribution

We all do better when we all do better, which is why we are proud that our average donation in 2019 so far has been $19.56. We don't cash big checks from Wall Street speculators or hedge fund managers who seek to profit off of criminalization - it's folks like you who have family members or friends who have been marginalized, profiled, or discriminated against because of a simple desire to consume marijuana responsibly.

In these tumultuous political times, big change is in the air. Just less than two weeks ago, we were part of the first-ever successful House Judiciary Committee vote to end federal prohibition. We have gone too far and given too much to let up. Now is our time to win.

Make a one-time Giving Tuesday matched gift now

Sign up to be a matched sustaining supporter and make sure we can carry out our work into 2020  

Graciously yours,
The NORML Team

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Giving Tuesday is the largest global giving day all year and NORML is excited to be a part of this worldwide event! It'll take everyone to get it done, but the impact your donations will have is going to be incredible.

Give to NORML

Year-end giving helps NORML prepare for the coming year, and there's so much in store for 2020. NORML will celebrate 50 years of reforming marijuana laws. There will be multiple states with ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana. Legislatures across the country will debate and enact marijuana laws. Congress will hold more hearings on marijuana legislation. Presidential candidates will be talking about marijuana more than ever leading up to the November election. We've never been busier, and we need your help to make sure NORML has the necessary resources to keep fighting for your personal freedom.

NORML isn't funded by big business or corporate cannabis. NORML is powered by its members and supporters who give generously and volunteer their time to end America's failed war on marijuana.

I can give $10 to help legalize marijuana

I can give $25 to fight bad marijuana laws

I can give $100 to support NORML's mission

It can feel right now like people have very little in common and it's hard to connect, but generosity is a universally held value that brings us together. Being generous can make us happier, it can make a difference in the world, and it inspires generosity in others. It lets us come closer together and build stronger communities. It's vital to strengthening the overall marijuana legalization movement, which NORML is a part of. Now, more than ever, we need to lift up and celebrate those values that bring us together, because together is how we will legalize America.


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