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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

CBD OKIE Cannabis

CBD OKIE Cannabis

El Monte legalizes recreational <b>cannabis</b>

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 04:24 PM PST

On a split vote, the El Monte City Council has decided to allow up to six recreational cannabis storefronts within city limits. The decision came after ...

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We Translated Brazil's New <b>Cannabis</b> Rules: Here's What You Need To Know

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 03:26 PM PST

By Silvia Muñoz, ICCI. 2019 has been a busy year for the cannabis industry in Brazil. In October, Bill N. 5295 of 2019 was presented to the Brazilian ...

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<b>Cannabis</b> ice cream? Province prepares for BC Bud edibles

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 02:52 PM PST

Third in a series on B.C.'s craft cannabis industry. B.C. Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth and Finance Minister Carole James were the NDP's point ...

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What is nano THC? How nanoemulsions create new <b>cannabis</b> building blocks

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 02:30 PM PST

Except in the case of cannabis nanoemulsions, they do. Thanks to nanotechnology, cannabis can fit into any consumable product, whether it's a soda, ...

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<b>Cannabis</b> 2.0: Assessing CGC's Strategy

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 01:56 PM PST

Cannabis 2.0 products have been legal in Canada since October 17, 2019. However, these cannabis-infused derivative products won't appear in ...

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Loves Park mayor: <b>Cannabis</b> sale ban may not be permanent

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 01:11 PM PST

LOVES PARK (WREX) — On Monday, Loves Park aldermen voted 7-3 to ban cannabis sales in the city, once the drug is legalized for recreational use ...

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“<b>Cannabis</b> 2.0” Can Be a Game Changer for These 3 <b>Cannabis</b> Stocks

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 12:48 PM PST

There has been a lot of hype concerning what has been dubbed Cannabis 2.0 in Canada, as the country legalized a variety of derivatives that are ...

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Accurate <b>Cannabis</b> Edibles Dosing Helps Sunderstorm Find Success in California

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 12:37 PM PST

Exclusive Interview with Sunderstorm Co-Founder and President Keith Cich. California cannabis company Sunderstorm values automation. It was one ...

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Weed And Vagina Problems: The Story Of Lara Parker, <b>Cannabis</b> And Endometriosis Activist

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 12:37 PM PST

Lara now relies solely on cannabis for pain management. "Marijuana is my medicine, full stop. I really can't imagine my life without it, and I don't want ...

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5 Canadian <b>cannabis</b> companies doing more

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 12:15 PM PST

And today, even in the wake of cannabis capitalism, social responsibility and giving back play a big role for a number of Canadian companies.

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

<b>Cannabis</b> use in individuals at clinical high-risk for psychosis

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 12:12 PM PST

Purpose The objectives of this review were to understand the prevalence of cannabis use and how cannabis is associated with transition to psychosis, ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

SLO <b>cannabis</b> retailers say they are tired of jumping through hoops

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 12:03 PM PST

Megan Souza went all in on someone else's dream. Her partner Eric Powers wanted to get involved in the cannabis industry. Souza, having used the ...

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New Best Practices Guides Cover <b>Cannabis</b> Lighting and HVAC

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 11:52 AM PST

Members of the council are working with RII to develop guides covering LED Lighting for Cannabis Cultivation & Controlled Environment Agriculture, ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Founders of LA <b>Cannabis</b> Boutique Frontera Join Forces With Vicente Sederberg

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 11:18 AM PST

Denver-based Vicente Sederberg, an influential player in the cannabis industry, has added the two founders of another influential cannabis law firm, ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Oak Lawn public hearing on <b>cannabis</b> laws draws small crowd; board to vote on sales ban next week

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 11:07 AM PST

A public hearing on cannabis laws held Tuesday in Oak Lawn appears unlikely to have swayed board members who mostly oppose allowing ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Global Canna Labs Completes Export Of <b>Cannabis</b> From Jamaica To Canada

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 11:07 AM PST

Elixxer Ltd (OTC: ELIXF) recently announced Global Canna Labs, Elixxer's 30% owned Jamaican cannabis producer, has exported 10 kilograms of ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Michigan <b>Cannabis</b> Market May Hold Promo Potential

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 10:56 AM PST

Others said they're leery, believing restrictions on advertising and other challenges could prevent cannabis from being a cash cow for merch providers ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Willie Nelson says he's no longer smoking marijuana to "take better care" of himself

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 10:45 AM PST

And of course, Nelson recorded a song with fellow cannabis aficionado, Snoop Dogg. It is no secret that Nelson's love of "Mary Jane" runs deep.

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Rolling Meadows Is Ready For Recreational <b>Cannabis</b>

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 10:22 AM PST

Sales of recreational cannabis will be legal in Rolling Meadows by next month and city-based business Nature's Care Co. could be one of the first ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Newfoundland & Labrador bans sales of <b>cannabis</b> vapes

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 10:11 AM PST

TORONTO — Newfoundland and Labrador became the first Canadian province on Wednesday to ban cannabis vape products, just weeks before ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

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