Sunday, December 1, 2019

CBD OKIE Cannabis

CBD OKIE Cannabis

Final pieces coming together for rollout of Illinois' adult-use <b>cannabis</b> law

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 05:18 PM PST

In less than a month, adults 21 and older will be able to legally buy and use cannabis in Illinois. While the number of locations where consumers will ...

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Health unit concerned about effect of legal <b>cannabis</b> stores

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 05:07 PM PST

More than a year after recreational marijuana was legalized in Canada, retail cannabis shops are coming to our region. That has the Porcupine Health ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

This Week at Kelley Drye – Politics in the Workplace, Los Angeles CCPA Workshop and <b>Cannabis</b>

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 04:56 PM PST

The week after Thanksgiving is always a busy one and this year does not disappoint. We are pleased to be holding the following educational ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Field test kits will help police distinguish between marijuana and hemp

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 03:26 PM PST

RICHMOND — Field test kits for police to help distinguish illegal marijuana from legal industrial hemp — both cannabis plants — will be distributed to ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Acreage Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ACRGF) Continues to Look for the Turning Point

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 03:13 PM PST

With a population of approximately nine million, New Jersey is estimated to generate $317 million in legal medical cannabis sales by 2022, according ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Poet busted for pot in 1969 makes 1st purchase of legal recreational weed in Michigan

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 02:52 PM PST

On Sunday, the now 78-year-old poet became the first person in Michigan to legally purchase recreational cannabis. "It went swiftly. I got some weed ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

<b>Cannabis</b> Strategic Ventures (OTCMKTS:NUGS) Shares in Focus Following Big Growth Data

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 02:18 PM PST

A name that could certainly emerge as one of the most interesting players in the cannabis patch as we see some sort of re-emergence in the space ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Outrage After Australian Medical <b>Cannabis</b> Related Raids

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 01:45 PM PST

Australia's Medical Cannabis Users Association (MCUA) has condemned recent raids at the homes of fellow activists in the state of Queensland.

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

<b>Cannabis</b> Packaging Market with Future Prospects, Key Player SWOT Analysis and Forecast To 2024

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 01:11 PM PST

Cannabis Packaging Market report offers detailed analysis and a five-year forecast for the global Cannabis Packaging industry. Cannabis Packaging ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

UCSD Researchers Evaluate Risks for Cannabidiol

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 01:00 PM PST

The Center for Medical Cannabis Research at UC San Diego has been researching the risks and unclaimed benefits of using Cannabidiol, which is ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

<b>Cannabis</b> retailer MedMen's financial troubles are a warning for the marijuana industry

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 11:30 AM PST

is the best-known cannabis retailer in the United States. Yet, in what could be a warning for the American marijuana industry, it is racing to raise cash ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Green Sunday: Hundreds line up at few stores open for 1st day of recreational marijuana sales

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 11:08 AM PST

An array of cannabis flower was being sold for $20 a gram and $60 for an eighth-ounce, with prices slightly higher than for medical product.

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

<b>Cannabis</b> makes people crazy, study says

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 11:07 AM PST

In a conclusion that won't please the states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, a study found about a third of the psychotic disorders ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Value Composite Update on United <b>Cannabis</b> Corporation (OTCPK:CNAB)

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 10:11 AM PST

Taking a look at valuation rankings for United Cannabis Corporation (OTCPK:CNAB), we see that the stock has a Value Composite score of 96.

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Md. medical <b>cannabis</b> industry hailed, but room for improvement seen

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 10:00 AM PST

Doctors, patients and those who work in Maryland's medical cannabis industry say they are happy with the program's development since its 2017 ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Legal Marijuana Sales Begin In Michigan Sunday

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 09:55 AM PST

Rick Thompson, who helped in the effort to legalize marijuana was among the first to purchase cannabis Sunday morning at Arbors Wellness.

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

San Juan Bautista approves rules for <b>cannabis</b> facilities

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 09:37 AM PST

Cannabis businesses looking to start up in San Juan Bautista now have an idea of what hoops they'll need to jump through with the City Council's ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Value Composite Update on American <b>Cannabis</b> Company, Inc. (OTCPK:AMMJ)

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 09:26 AM PST

Taking a look at valuation rankings for American Cannabis Company, Inc. (OTCPK:AMMJ), we see that the stock has a Value Composite score of 83.

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Cross-pollination worries compel Supes to downsize hemp farming

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 08:41 AM PST

​During a public comment session, many speakers pointed out that hemp is the same plant as cannabis but is differentiated by its trace amount of ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

Surprise! Marijuana Stock Losses May Continue Through 2021

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 08:41 AM PST

There were more than a dozen pot stocks that possessed a market cap north of $1 billion, and during the first quarter of 2019, 14 cannabis stocks ...

CBD OKIE-Cannibus in Oklahoma

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