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Monday, September 16, 2019

Report back from DC

All we can say is, "WOW!"
September 16, 2019


Last week, NORML leaders and activists from across North America headed to our nation's capital for the annual NORML Conference and Congressional Lobby Day. All we can say is, "WOW!" We are simply blown away by the passion, leadership, and knowledge attendees and speakers brought to DC.

We kicked things off on Sunday with the Leadership Summit, where attendees earned their NORML Leadership Certifications. After a full day of learning, we headed to the welcome reception to celebrate with old friends and new, and to honor those outstanding contributions to advancing marijuana law reform. Virginia NORML took home Chapter of the Year, Madisen Saglibene and Mary Kruger received Activist of the Year, and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and Maryland State's Attorney for Baltimore City Marilyn Mosby earned Vanguard Awards. What a night!

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Monday morning we dove back into another full day of expert speakers and panel discussions. Dr. John Hudak of the Brookings Institution shared key insights on federal policy and the implications of the 2018 Farm Bill. Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine stopped by and delighted the audience with an impromptu performance U.S. Senator Ron Wyden delivered a powerful keynote, energizing the crowd for Lobby Day.

Tuesday morning, after hearing remarks from U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer, dozens of NORML members flooded Capitol Hill attending over 170 meetings to advocate for the end of federal marijuana prohibition. Their message was clear: Americans do not support this failed policy and Congress must act now.

These tireless advocates were there fighting for your rights, not the industry or special interests. Because of NORML's strong grassroots support, we were able to send more people than ever to Capitol Hill this year. And, we won't stop until marijuana is legal across this great nation.

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Together, we'll keep pushing, we'll keep winning, and we'll legalize America.

The team at NORML

P.S. Our movement is funded by thousands of people throughout the country as we work to advance marijuana reform in all 50 states and the federal level, not the marijuana industry or other special interests. We rely on the support of those who want to build a better future. Please consider kicking in $5, $10 or $20 a month to help us keep going.

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