Tuesday, September 3, 2019

[MJBizMagazine] Your September Digital Edition is Here!

Inside: Growing Momentum, Covert Curse, Exit Ramp Up, Best Practices in Cultivation and more!
COVER STORY: Growing Momentum
Growing Momentum
Momentum continues to build for medical cannabis legalization around the globe, prying open new markets and tens of billions of dollars in business opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies...
Covert Curse
Covert Curse
Is employee theft in the cannabis industry a curse that's been cured—or a problem that's taken on a new, more covert form requiring special attention from retailers? Several marijuana retailers cite...
Exit Ramp Up
Exit Ramp Up
The pace of change in the North American cannabis industry, particularly in the United States, is so fast that consolidation is an inevitable byproduct. It's not necessarily a case of eventual winners and...
Best Practices in Cultivation
Best Practices in Cultivation
In typical marijuana cultivation operations, water acts as a vehicle to deliver nutrients and minerals that cannabis plants need to thrive. Outdoor growers in regions such as the Emerald Triangle...
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