Sunday, September 15, 2019

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hinking About Growing Marijuana in Oklahoma?

Yesterday, I was out and about in Tuls, Oklahoma.  I was watching the growing businesses peddling their CBD and all related marijuana products.  The booming business seems to take precedence over all other new businesses in Oklahoma right now, and I was thinking that growing marijuana for fun and profit might be arreal good investment.

I was thinking of my farming and ranching career and the wheels begin turning while pondering somperty to purchase and begin growing the most prized weed plants.  I passed by a local greenhouse.  The greenhouse was closed as the season for flowers etc is just about over here.  I began thinking that this would be the perfect place to set up a marijuana farm, and after all, the demand is so great for the product, there is bound to be a lot of money to be made in the business.  One helluva lot more than cotton or cattle and that if for sure!

What Would It Take?

I started looking on the Internet anf finding places to purchase seeds, grow lamps, watering systems and all of the security devices that would need to be installed firmly in place.  After all, we are tlking about huge amounts of money to be made here, so the security will have to be top rate and something to be consdere very closely.

I am not sure about the initial outlay of captial, but I figure around $100,000 gran d to start?  I am wondering if the small business administration would lend money for the marijuana growing project?  I am thinking that in the very near future this will all be a mainstream business venture that any banker would love to get hold of?

Hey, if any lenders out there are looking for a good investment, fill out my contact form!  I am happyh to discuss any and all solid business ventures.

CBD Oklahoma is dedicated to bringing the news, views, information, the good, the bad and the ugly about marijuana in 2019 and beyond.


The term #marijuana, just a few short years ago, struck fear, terror and loathing in the hearts and minds of people. Just the thought of someone ingesting marijuana into their body was thought of as a sin. Nothing could have been worse for anyone to do than to smoke marijuana for pleasure or pain. The pleasure derived from the smoke has been the demise of many a young person and sent them into a world of crime, criminals and the underworld. Songs have been written about the long term effects of marijuana on the body and it was once thought of as the plague of modern society.

BUT...All Things Change!

Marijuana in 2019 in the great state of Oklahoma, and actually around the entire nation, is changine for the better. What was once a dreaded illness on America, marijuana is now being seen as the great savior of modern times. The legalization of marijuana in Oklahoma, and the rest of the great USA, is being seen as the new revolution both in health care, the economy and even changing the way that people live, work, drive and survive in the world today. Products made from marijuana now can affect each and every part of our lives for the better. From health and wellness, to the way that we drive and move around in life, and even to the homes that we build can and will be affected by this prized weed called marijuana.

Enter CBD OKIE @

A creative endeavor which is being brought about strictly from the Universe, is beginning to tell the tale of marijuana. The good, the bad and the ugly will all come into full view on this site as the author uses resources, information, journalistic license and visualization on one of the most talked about topics in Oklahoma and around the globe. Could it possibly be that marijuana is the one thing that can pull people of the world together and get them to lay down their weapons of mass destruction, and actually come to the point of peace, wellness and wholeness in the new age that is upon us? Only the Universe can answer these profound questions; however, the author of CBD OKIE and Anonymous Email Address will continue to visualization, philosophize and write about the wonderful and positive changes that are taking place right before our eyes. There has never been a better time to be alive in the world. To see the beginning of change of thought is something of wonder and beauty to behold, and the once thought of bad marijuana, can now take its rightful place among the green, the healthy and the positive things that life has to offer.

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