Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Who Makes Money Growing Marijuana?

If You Have Information Please Share!

What is the Profit in Marijuana?

This burning question (pardon the pun) comes after conducting much research and thought into the insider thinking and processes that deal with medicinal marijuana legalization in Oklahoma.  Having been in the agricultural industry for many years, this author knows full well that more than likely, the marijuana farmers are NOT the ones making the big bucks.  
A dealer once quote d me a figure of $200 per ounce for medicinal grade pot.  That figured blew me away, and started all kinds of questions rolling around in my head.  I began thinking about the various stages of production that must be involved in bringing about the finished product of medicinal grade marijuana.  The grower starts the process, but there has to be other involved in the actual process of the treasured plant.
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