Friday, August 16, 2019

What's The Healthiest Way To Smoke Pot? ✅

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While we hear about pot's health benefits, we also know that smoking cigarettes poses health concerns. Is pot any different? Is there a healthiest way to smoke pot? While prohibition has kept scientific research from really exploring the different smoking methods, a few studies give us a little insight into what methods pose the least health risks, as well as best deliver the benefits pot has to offer.


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Overdosing on Pot: How To Avoid Greening Out

The overconsumption of the psychoactive cannabinoid can be an uncomfortable experience colloquially known as greening out. In worst-case scenarios, the combination of greening out and pre-existing medical conditions may lead to serious physical conditions or temporary psychosis. Greening out is likely a consequence of too much THC. While research has yet to define the mechanisms by which THC toxicity occurs.

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Cannabis and Bodybuilding: Will it Help your Workout?

When it comes to marijuana use and how it affects different areas of the body, there is still a lot unknown. While various sites online may tout its benefits or complications, in many areas the research is very thin. Unfortunately, because of prohibition, marijuana research has been limited. With that being said, the connection between marijuana and bodybuilding is still in a bit of a gray area. Let's take a look at what we do know.

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Kamala Harris Questioned About Marijuana Prosecutions In Debates

Amid a slate of presidential candidates who are more pro-cannabis than ever, California Senator Kamala Harris is being called out about her anti-marijuana past.Serving as the top law enforcement official in California from 2011 to 2017, Harris' tenure as attorney general got called into question during the July democratic debates, where Hawaiian Congressional Representative Tulsi Gabbard pointed out her flip-flopping on cannabis legalization.

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Louisiana First State In The Deep South To Sell Medical Cannabis

Last week, Louisiana joined the more than 30 other states that have medical marijuana programs available for those with conditions such as PTSD, cancer and more. Nine dispensaries opened this month, with more expected to follow suit, after lawmakers in the state decided nearly four years ago to allow patients access to the drug. The struggle to get in the hands of patients has been hard-fought, with lawmakers arguing extensively about the framework for the medical program.

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