Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tulsa Oklahoma CBD Store Owners

Non Competition is the Rule of the Day

In 2019, its a fact of life that competition is fierce in almost every area of life.  After all, in a huge metropolitan city like Tulsa, or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you have to be tough and able to survive whatever comes, right?

Well, in the new and springing forth CBD and marijuana shops, a new breed of people is being seen.  The prspering mom and pop pot shops are not only non- competitive, they are also quite interested in how their fellow brothers and sisters are going about telling others about the newsly legalized marijuana and cannibus products that are now available on nearly every streen corner.  Its an amazing thing to watch and actually, there are lessons to be learned here.  There does NOT need to be anger, hate, violence and competition in life to survive and thrive.  People need to come together in a spirit of love and caring in order to thrive and survive in this new and ever evolving world in which we live.  

Lessons to Be Learned in Tulsa

As a general rule, the Tulsa business owners are NOT known for their friendliness and courteous behavior towards customers.  As a matter of fact, its a rarity to get good service almost anywhere EXCEPT for the growing number os CBD shops that are fluorushing in the community.  There is good news to share here and lessons well learned about human behavior, courtesy, friendliness and genuine compassion.


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  1. Its about dammed time that Tulsa, Oklahoma, store owners and chains realize that being rude is NOT good for customer support. Its amazing to think that in a city this beautiful, the customer service and support city wide is the worst in the country. Hey Tulsa, smile, it will not break your face!!!