Sunday, August 18, 2019

Marijuana Insights

The Ongoing Marijuana Story

It would seem that people from around the country are buzzing about getting buzzed these days.  Especially in the Oklahoma area, the treasured weed is making the news on an hourly basis.  The one common thread that seems to traverse across the Internet about marijuana is the price.  It is hard to imagine someone having the money to smoke over $40,000 dollars worth of weed per month, but if you read on about Mike Tyson, this is exactly what you will find.  What can these people be doing in order to make this kind of money to support a habit like that?

They are Growing Marijuana!

Its fairly obvious to CBD OKIE that the marijuana trade is a lucrative one.  The potential for growing marijuana for resale to CBD and marijuana shops in Oklahoma would seem to be limitless.  Anyone have any information that they would care to share about becoming a marijuana farmer?  There is one thing sure.  It beats the hell out of raising cotton!

Seems like to me a cleaner and greener way to live would be to turn all farmland into marijuana and wind farms.  Now that is a great money making combination for all of these Oklahoma farmers to think about doing.  Perhaps the old ways are just not as good as they used to be?  Perhaps its time to come to grips with reality and do something positive and worthwhile for society for a change?  Just wondering?


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  1. I was reading an article this morning about Mike Tyson and his $40,000 a month marijuana habit. I was trying to envision how much weed that would be? Any ideas?