Friday, August 16, 2019

How Much is Marijuana?

The Prices of Marijuana, CBD, Cannibals and Related Products

In an effort to be totally fair, I must make a personal comment on the prices of marijuana.  In my personal opinion, to spend exorbitant amounts of money for a weed seems to be a little ridiculous.  After all, marijuana grows in the wild in many locations of the world, right?  It would be a fairly easy task to locate the valuable plants, harvest them and re-package them into another package for resale.  Since I have an agricultural background from years ago, I know a little about the production of crops and what it takes to grow, harvest and take them to market.  There is basically no difference to the harvesting of the marijuana plants.  All agriculture is basically the same.  You take seeds, place them in the ground make sure they have water, air and some fertilizer, and boom, you have plants!@  Rocket science it ain't;  however, the growers of the prized weed would have us all believe that there is a special science to all of this.  Actually in part, they are right.  The magical process used is called NATURE!  The most magical part of all of life.

Marijuana Price Quotes from Last Night

I was contacted on Facebook by two different marijuana dealers.  They offered to sell me the prized cannabis at amazing savings.  Since I am NOT a user of the stuff, and never will be, I thanked them for the information and told them I would think about it.  Here are some of the prices I got via Facebook Messenger.

  1. 1 OZ Prime Grade Marijuana-$200
  2. 1 LB Prime Grade Marijuana-$1500
Amd obviously all the associated prices in between those two mind bending amounts of money.  I was led to think what a weird world that we live in today that a common weed, one that takes no scientific expertise in which to grow, harvest or package and distribute.  I personally find this an amazingly inflated price for a product that can be grown in your backyard.  How much are tomatoes these days?  $1.95 per pound?  Sounds a little more reasonable to me.  How about 1 LB High Grade Medical Marijuana shipped directly to you for say, $20 = Shipping of course!


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