Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Do Marijuana Doctor's Ever Say No?

Could It Be Possible?

This morning, I was going about the usual routine of thinking about ways of writing for CBD OKIE.  The thought entered my mind.  Do marijuana doctor;s ever say no to someone needing help and healing from using marijuana products?  I would think that in this day and age, with the emergeny mentality and the utter senseless drama that seems to creep into each and every tiny crevice of life, that getting a prescription of the special weed that cures all ills of modern society would be something never seen before.  The marijuana doctor that says, "oh no Suzy, you are using far too much medicinal grade marijuana, we are going to have to start bringing you down from it slowly, so here is some valium instead, would be something never seen before.

How badly addicted would an invidual have to be to weed, like Mike Tyson for example with a $40,000 a month weed habit, to be told by a doctor that they could no longer have a prescription.  By the way, how do you get to be a marijuana doctor?  Do you have to learn how to dispense it correctly?  Are you trained in the uses of mary jane and are you required to use it so that your patients will know you and trust you better?

What If the Doctor Says No?

Do you turn to illegal means, if there are in fact any in toay;s society to get your needed fix of weed?  Do you go to a grower directly here in Oklahoma and ask for free samples?  Is it possible to got to a mom and pop pot shop in Oklahoma to get a small bit of marijuana so that you can come down slowly and easily?

Oh well, just more burning questions about marijuana.  Pardon the pun!!!🔃


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