Friday, August 30, 2019

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For those seeking information, ideas, news, observations, opinions, links, images and other valuable stuff about #marijuana in #oklahoma and around the rest of the countryside, please come a view, follow, comment, participate or even enumerate your positive, negative or even apathetic ideas about #naruhyabam #cbd #pot #hash #hemp #weed or actually, any subject that suits your fancy.  CBD OKIE is destined to become THE go to site on Google for the best news, ideas, observations, laws, growers, sellers, users and all dialog about marijuana in 2019 and beyond.

New Feature on CBD OKIE!

I have installed Disqus, the quintessential comment service whereby you, the reader seeking info about #marijuana, will be able to voice your opinions, observations, articles, negatives and positives about the use of #marijuana to ease and cure your ills.  I will accept intelligent information and links of all types here, so scroll down to find the Disqus box and get busy!

I cannot think of an excuse NOT to become part of CBD OKIE no matter where you are, what you do or where you plan to take a business interest.  CBD OKIE is here to oblige with great links, information, articles and backlinking like no other site found on Google today.  Add your links and come back often to add more.  I will drive the traffic for this old machine for you, and you will get the benefits.  Hey, its a win win deal!

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Internet Censorship

In 2019, on the world wide web, there is a disease that is causing distress to the people who make the web what it is today. That disease is called Internet Censorship. Now this disease comes about by allowing a moderator to have the power to say what is good, right and just on a particular website and what is not.


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