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It is apparent that marijuana is a topic that concerns everyone these days.  People are becoming weary from expensive, ineffective and over prescribed medicines.  The side effects of these modern cure alls are often much worse than the illness themselves.  Enter the world of the natural, the healthy, the organic and the highly effective treatment for a myriad of human ills and complaints.

CBD OKIE is dedicated to offering insights, perspectives, views, opinions, facts and more about CBD|Marijuana|Cannabis and a host of other vital topics.

Thanks to the Googlebot, read on about this amazing topic of discussion from around the net.

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Louisiana launching medical marijuana after years of waiting
BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana is becoming the first Deep South state to dispense medical marijuana on Tuesday, four years after state lawmakers ...
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Marijuana is legal, but returning citizens from the criminal justice system are still facing ...
Marijuana isn't merely growing more acceptable in the eyes of the American public; it's entered the luxury market, with the department store Barney's ...
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Is Marijuana Safe When Pregnant? Researchers Want Clearer Answers
In Seattle, they're enrolling pregnant women during their first trimester who are already using marijuana for morning sickness. Researchers don't ...
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3 Ways Marijuana Legalization 2.0 Will Disappoint Investors
After becoming the first industrialized country to legalize recreational marijuana in October 2018, Canada is prepared to launch derivative pot products ...
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Florida lawmaker files bill to decriminalize marijuana in the Sunshine State
FLORIDA — A new bill has been filed to decriminalize marijuana in Florida. Democratic state Rep. Shervin Jones from Broward County filed HB 25 ...
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Driver who killed 5 in crash had 'second largest level' of marijuana seen by medical examiner in ...
The medical examiner said Turner had the "the second-highest level of marijuana that they've ever seen in a living specimen" at the time of the crash, ...
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Marijuana legalization reduces opioid deaths
The study examined how the changing legal status of marijuana has impacted mortality in the United States over the past two decades. Investigators ...
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Three communities say no to marijuana businesses during Tuesday's election
Legal weed took a beating Tuesday night with voters in all three communities with marijuana proposals on the ballot voting against allowing marijuana ...
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Medical marijuana getting released to registered dispensaries
Fox Business Briefs: Louisiana joins 30 other states in the nation that allow medical marijuana in some form.
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The short-run effects of marijuana dispensary openings on local crime
The recent legalization of marijuana in several states has led to increased public interest regarding the effect of legalization on crime. Yet, there is ...
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Marijuana on CSU Property
"Despite the passing of Proposition 64 in California, marijuana use, in any form, and marijuana production, possession, cultivation, purchase, sale, ...
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  1. Learning how to let the body heal itself with the use of organic compounds is something that is of great worth today. Too long the drug cartel, AKA doctors and pharmacists have ruled the scene. Its time to regain healthy and vigorous living through the use of natural products.