Thursday, August 29, 2019

Are Marijuana Users More Intelligent than Others?

Marijuana Makes You Smarter?

I was thinking about that question this morning as I perused through Facebook.  I looked at all the stuff that people post and actually, I was quite amazed at the total and complete lack of anything intelligible.  I was thinking about their recent #banning of the website CBD OKIE @ and the reasons given that occurrence.  It Goes Against Community Standards.  Now in this author's humble opinion, and after viewing the stuff on the timeline, it was very clear that community standards must include the following items.

  • The content must be totally and completely worthless
  • The posts must include sex, violence, hate and stupidity
  • The things written must be of no value to humanity in any conceivable way
  • Reading Facebook timelines must be a total and complete waste of time
  • Accessing the back office of Facebook should be considered less valuable and productive than sitting around trying to figure out why the general population of the world are totally and compltetely insane.

Enter the Stoner

These rare breed of individuals are quite different on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and other social media and blogging formats.  They are quick, intelligent, insightful, thoughtful, reasonable, reasoning and seem to have a handle on this thing called life to a greater degree than others.  They are witty, clever, relaxed, intelligent and come up with some of the best articles and insights that can be found on the Internet in terms of good reading information.

So, Are Marijuana Users More Intelligent than Others?

You be the judge, and by the way, you are more than welcome to comment here, or on Disqus at the bottom of the site!

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  1. The burning question can be answered by simply searching Google for marijuana dialog, articles, information, images and content. OH, by the way, for the Facebook crowd. You must be able to read, write, discern and do not be worried about being catchy or cute here. Actually, creative writing is more about intelligence than non-sensical acrobatics and unreasonable and silly sexiness. Just in case you wanted to know that. Oh, sorry. I forget. You do not know how to read! Well, read the picture above, it tells the whole story! CBD OKIE @